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A new legal directory for a new era.

Novolawyer is an exciting new global online legal directory.

Launched in 2012, NovoLawyer showcases lawyers from around the world in different practices and industry sectors, with a particular focus on international markets.

A “next generation” legal directory, NovoLawyer provides a dynamic platform for lawyers in private practice to position themselves effectively to potential clients, referral partners, and the wider market.

Key features

Universal platform

NovoLawyer provides a universal platform for lawyers in private practice to showcase themselves to the market. At the heart of NovoLawyer is a desire to know about lawyers’ practices so we can highlight their skills to clients, prospects and referral partners.

International scope

NovoLawyer is a truly international legal directory. A key feature is the ability to search for lawyers with knowledge and experience of other countries. Increasingly common in today’s globalized market, these lawyers are dual qualified, work on foreign desks, and regularly advise on overseas matters.

The Right Lawyer

The best lawyer for one client may not be right for another, so publishing just an elite list of lawyers isn’t sufficient. NovoLawyer helps clients identify the most suitable lawyer for them by highlighting a combination of practice, industry and country expertise.

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