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Limited Features


Lawyers in private practice can register with NovoLawyer – for free.


Quick Sign–Up

All qualified lawyers in private practice can register with NovoLawyer for free. Sign-up is easy. Simply fill in a few basic details. Once your basic profile is complete, you will appear on NovoLawyer. Clients, prospects, referral sources and others with an interest in the legal market will be able to find you.

Pick Practices and Industries

To position yourself effectively, you need to “tag” yourself to make sure you show up in the right places when clients are searching for lawyers. Select the areas where you practice, and highlight industry sectors where you have experience. You can also select sub–practices and sub–industries.

Foreign Expertise

Select any countries where you have expertise – even if you are not based there. For example, are you dual qualified? Dual heritage? Do you focus on work from a particular country? Are you part of a foreign desk or overseas practice at your firm?


You can endorse other lawyers you have worked with, and create a private list of favorite lawyers.



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