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$400per year

  • Everything in the extended package, plus:
  • A tailored solution
  • Let us do the work
  • We’ll interview you
  • And then prepare your profile
  • Ideal for the busy lawyer
  • Or those unsure how to present themselves
  • We’ll keep in touch and make updates
  • more
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Rich profile & stats

most popular plan

$200per year

  • Everything in basic profile, plus:
  • Create an advanced profile
  • Extended bio and description
  • Rich content: photo and video
  • Present yourself persuasively
  • Highlight recent work
  • Links to firm bio and social media
  • Personal dashboard
  • Advanced user stats
  • more
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limited features


  • Register for free
  • Quick and simple sign up
  • Provide basic contact details
  • Select your practice areas
  • Choose industry sectors
  • Include foreign expertise
  • Position yourself accurately
  • Endorse other lawyers
  • more
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Hassle Free


We help lawyers create a great online profile.

$400 per year

A Tailored Solution

This tailored solution offers everything in the basic and extended profiles, but the difference is – we do it for you. It’s ideal for two types: busy lawyers without much time who want us to do the work; and those lawyers who are unsure about how to present themselves effectively.

We Do The Work

For bespoke package users, we’ll call you on the phone (or meet you in person if practical), speak to you about your practice, and learn as much as we can. We’ll then prepare a persuasive profile that highlights your achievements and showcases your skills and experience.

Stand Out

Our staff has worked with lawyers for many years and we’re skilled at presenting and promoting lawyers’ practices. We’ll identify the strengths, features and characteristics of your practice that make you stand out from peers and competitors.

Keeping In Touch

As well as the initial profile preparation, we’ll keep in touch with you several times throughout the year. If there have been developments at your practice, we’ll update your profile to keep it fresh.

Most Popular Plan


An extended profile is our most popular package.

$200 per year

Full Platform

For an annual fee, lawyers can take advantage of the full NovoLawyer platform to present themselves effectively and persuasively. As well as everything in the basic profile, lawyers can create a comprehensive, advanced profile.

Rich Content

Extended profiles offer rich content and visual appeal. Provide a full practice description and detailed biography. Add photo and video. Describe highlight matters. List career history, education and bar admissions. Include publications, articles, and speaking engagements. Memberships, affiliations and pro bono/charitable work can also be listed.

Life Outside The Law

Clients tell us they want to learn more about the personality of their lawyers. So there is space to tell us about your interests and hobbies.


Extended profile holders can link to their own firm’s website bio, personal website/blog, and Linked–In and Twitter pages.


Extended profile users get access to a user–friendly personal dashboard. It keeps track of your profile, and includes advanced statistics and user information.

Limited Features


Lawyers in private practice can register with NovoLawyer – for free.


Quick Sign–Up

All qualified lawyers in private practice can register with NovoLawyer for free. Sign-up is easy. Simply fill in a few basic details. Once your basic profile is complete, you will appear on NovoLawyer. Clients, prospects, referral sources and others with an interest in the legal market will be able to find you.

Pick Practices and Industries

To position yourself effectively, you need to “tag” yourself to make sure you show up in the right places when clients are searching for lawyers. Select the areas where you practice, and highlight industry sectors where you have experience. You can also select sub–practices and sub–industries.

Foreign Expertise

Select any countries where you have expertise – even if you are not based there. For example, are you dual qualified? Dual heritage? Do you focus on work from a particular country? Are you part of a foreign desk or overseas practice at your firm?


You can endorse other lawyers you have worked with, and create a private list of favorite lawyers.



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