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Sebastian Garcia Menendez

Partner | Garcia Menendez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Advises on corporate law, M&A, commercial work, and international trade. Recognized Argentine expert in antitrust and unfair competition. Significant experience in Spain and Middle East.

Practice Description

Broad experience in corporate law, M&A, commercial work, and international trade. Recognized as a leading expert in Argentina for antirust and unfair competition. Clients include multinationals, small and medium-sized companies, and individuals – based both in Argentina and abroad.

Industry sector expertise

A range of industry sectors, including technology and media, professional services (law and accounting firms) and the financial services and investment funds industry.

Overseas expertise

Extensive international experience. Educated in Argentina, Spain and Italy and speaks six languages – Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, and German. Significant experience advising on foreign investment in Argentina. Handled a number of acquisitions of listed and private companies in the Middle East. A member of the international alliance of legal and accounting firms, MSI Global Alliance.


  • Handled international compliance matters for one of Argentina’s most prominent listed companies
  • For the same company, advised on agency and distributor agreements with partners in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America
  • Worked on the first successful “squeeze out” (de-listing) in Argentina



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