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Nicola Boulton

Partner | Byrne and Partners

London, United Kingdom

Commercial litigator with expertise in high-value civil fraud, financial services and insurance litigation. Skilled in anti money laundering issues. Considerable cross-border experience.

Practice Description

Leading commercial litigator with considerable expertise in high-value civil fraud, financial services, and insurance litigation. Often acts for hedge funds, in regulatory and investment issues and partnership disputes and has a particular interest in anti money laundering issues.

Industry sector expertise

Large commercial organizations – many in financial services – individuals and businesspeople. Represent a number of hedge funds.

Overseas expertise

A large percentage of cases handled are multi-jurisdictional. As a result, have acquired extensive experience in foreign courts and work closely with leading law firms around the world. Of note, have particular experience in the US, Swiss, BVI and Singapore courts. The success of the practice in recent years is down to having a tight specialist team that can call on experts and lawyers in foreign jurisdictions where necessary. Unlike firms with international offices, we are not tied to any particular team and can choose the best foreign lawyer for the case. Among our new clients and panel wins in the last year are the Humpuss group, a large Indonesian conglomerate, and a prominent Djibouti businessman and former presidential advisor.


  • Andrew Brown v Innovatorone (in liquidation). In this case, successfully defended John Bailey, a former Collyer Bristow partner, in Commercial Court proceedings. The claim of around £80 million involved allegations of fraud, dishonest assistance and breaches of contract, with amounts in issue around. The trial took place over 16 weeks from October 2011 multiple expert witnesses and more than 80 factual witnesses. Judgment was handed down in June 2012 and Mr Bailey was entirely exonerated. The case was the subject of considerable interest in the legal press and was listed as a Top 20 case for 2011 by The Lawyer
  • In recent years, have played a role on some of the most high-profile and contentious fraud cases, such as the $425 million Yukos-Rosneft battle (one of the largest ever freezing orders)



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