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Quentin Bargate

Partner | Bargate Murray

London, United Kingdom

Founding partner of Bargate Murray. Heads the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution practice, and also an expert in yachts and super-yachts.

Practice Description

Heads the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution practice, handling all kinds of disputes from debt collections to multi-million dollar matters. An advocate for alternative dispute resolution, but also deals with cases in court when required. Occasionally appointed as an arbitrator in maritime arbitrations. Also head of the superyacht group. An expert in yacht contract work and other commercial contract work. Developed specialized skills in superyacht / megayacht contracts and disputes as well as commercial shipping and trade. Our "USP" is long City law firm experience at much reduced cost, coupled with personal service.

Industry sector expertise

Shipping and maritime sector. Also actively involved in the technology and startup community in London. Established the "Seed Academy" which solves technology and startup business problems through proactive advice.

Overseas expertise

Has handled numerous complex litigations and arbitrations for clients around the world. In the yacht area, work with a number of clients from the Middle East, Ukraine and former Soviet Union countries.



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