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Richard Fox

Partner | Kingsley Napley

London, United Kingdom

Leading London-based employment lawyer. Acts for corporates, organizations and high-profile individuals. Straightforward commercial advice. Vast knowledge of employment litigation.

Practice Description

Head of Kingsley Napley's employment department. Known for straightforward commercial advice and vast knowledge and experience of employment matters, particularly those that involve litigation or the prospect of litigation through employment tribunals and courts. Act for corporates, organizations and high-profile individuals on the full range of employment matters. Specifically focuses on confidentiality and restrictive covenants including related litigation, executive pay, bonuses and severance arrangements, unfair dismissal, discrimination and whistleblowing, corporate restructuring, business reorganization and redundancy. Particular interest in age discrimination. Appointed by the High Court on a number of occasions to supervise the execution of search orders (and thereafter to report to the High Court).

Overseas expertise

Particular interest in advising US corporates and LLPs operating in the UK. A founder member of the firmwide US focus group.



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