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Matthew Nolan

Partner | Arent Fox

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Head of Arent Fox’s trade practice. More than 25 years’ experience advising on all aspects of international trade. Significant background in trade litigation, customs laws, export controls, and anticorruption.


  • At the Border Fees are Hurting Trade, Legal Times, February 23 2009
  • Obscure NAFTA Clause Empowers Private Parties, National Law Journal, April 6 1998
  • US Sanctions Laws: A Complex Web for US and Foreign Companies, Oil & Gas Law and Taxation Review, Sweet & Maxwell, March 1998

Books & Teaching

  • Member of the international council at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University
  • Editor, Law And Policy in International Business, Institute for Public Representation, Georgetown University Law Center, 1983-86

Speaking Engagements

  • Author and speaker on issues pertaining to the WTO, NAFTA, trade litigation issues, and US trade embargoes
  • Recent Trends in Global Trade Compliance & Enforcement, Association of Corporate Counsel’s Pittsburgh Chapter, October 2011
  • Developing a Product Safety Management Program That meets Regulator Expectations, American Conference Institute’s 6th Advanced Forum on Import Compliance and Enforcement, May 2011
  • Implementing Product Safety Standards Across Your Global Supply Chain, ACI 6th Advanced Forum on Global Customs Compliance, June 2010
  • What Ever Happened to the North American Market?, Canadian American Business Council, June 2010
  • Strategies for Managing a Customs Trade Audit in the US & Canada, ABA International Section Spring Meeting, April 2010
  • Defense Electronics: Import/Export Challenges, Military and Aerospace Electronics Forum, March 2010, Amsterdam; June 2010, San Diego
  • US Customs Compliance and Enforcement Conference, April 2010, University of Pittsburgh Law School
  • Focused Assessments and Single Issue Audits: Tips and Observations from Counsel, ACI Import Compliance and Enforcement Forum, October 2009
  • Complying with the Lacey Act: Minimizing Reporting Burdens and Enforcement Risks, ACI Imported Product Safety Compliance Conference, April 22 2009
  • US Trade Policy in the Obama Administration - Conflict Management, Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey, February 17 2009
  • Developing Effective Country of Origin Marking Procedures, ACI Advanced Forum on Import Compliance, September 22 2008
  • Defending Trade Actions, La Barra Mexicana, 2007, Mexico City
  • Prior Disclosure Workshop, ACI Import Compliance Forum, March 15 2007
  • Developing a Worldwide Country of Origin Marking Program, ACI Global Customs seminar, September 26 2006
  • An International Perspective on Trade Remedies, La Barra Mexicana, June 28 2006, Mexico City
  • Developing the Best in Class Import SOPs, ACI Import Compliance Forum, March 21 2006
  • Customs Business Rule, ACI Customs Conference, 2005
  • WTO, Doha Developments, Mexico Conferences on La Empresa en El Comercio Internacional, June 2005, Mexico City and Monterrey
  • Free Trade Agreements: The New Rules and Practical Strategies, ACI Global Customs Compliance Conference, September 2004
  • WTO and NAFTA Developments, Tax Executives Institute, January 22 2004
  • The New Security Environment and Trade, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, April 2004



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