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Guillermo Munoz-Alonso

Partner | Garrigues

Madrid, Spain

Dual-qualified lawyer (Spain and England) with extensive track record in international banking and finance transactions, projects, debt restructuring, private equity and Spanish equity capital markets

Practice Description

Guillermo Muñoz-Alonso’s practice focuses on local and international bank lending, including corporate finance, structured finance, acquisition finance, asset finance, projects, and some private equity. Based in Madrid, Spain, he has extensive experience on primary and secondary offerings of debt and equity instruments and flotations and IPOs of Spanish companies. Recently Guillermo has worked on an increasing number of debt restructurings and related transactions such as secondary trading of distressed debt.

Industry sector expertise

As a banking and finance lawyer, much of Guillermo’s work takes place in the financial services sector. In the project finance area, he has worked on a number of energy and renewables deals. He also handles asset finance transactions in the aircraft and aviation sectors.

Overseas expertise

Guillermo is unusual among Spanish lawyers in that he is also qualified as an English solicitor. He was the resident partner in Garrigues’ London office from 2007 to 2011 and subsequently qualified in the UK. Now based in Spain, he travels to the UK regularly and is a strong choice for clients seeking a legal advisor with an international mindset and understanding of finance transactions with an English law component.

Most of the deals Guillermo works on have an international dimension, typically involving advice on the Spanish components of multi-jurisdictional deals, or representing the Spanish subsidiary in major cross-border deals. As part of his international-facing role for the firm, he works to strengthen relationships with independent law firms in countries like France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the U.K and the U.S. Notably, he is a member of the firm’s Italian desk and advises Italian companies entering and investing in Spain, plus Spanish companies seeking to do business in Italy.


  • Advised an international credit institution on the first Spanish law repo transaction on a portfolio of credit claims
  • Advised an international non-bank lender on the secured financing of a Spanish water concession company
  • Assisted a Spanish renewables energy company on a project bond-funded photovoltaic plant
  • For an international bank, worked on the secured financing of the deployment of a countrywide fiber-optic cable network
  • Recently advised an international export-finance agency on the financing of the acquisition of three aircraft by a Spanish airline

Client list

  • Abengoa
  • GE Capital
  • HSBC
  • The Children’s Investment Fund



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